Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer W/ Water Tank Review 2018

I have share here for you an important review about ivation multipurpose portable spray washer with water tank after deep research to make decision when you wish to buy a best portable electric pressure washer for your car washing and other simple washing work in your home easily.

The ivation portable pressure washer Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer is a great portable water pressure system that you can take with you wherever that you go.

It is highly portable and lightweight hence making it easy for you to carry on the back of your car without any problems.

Gentle Pressure

The water pressure is gentle, and this makes it perfect for cleaning even pets. The maximum operating pressure of the unit is 130.5 pounds per square inch.

Tank Capacity

Just like other common tanks, this model also comes with a 4.5-gallon reservoir water capacity. This is enough water that can help you do a variety of cleaning jobs.

Durable Flexible Hose

It comes with a 19.6-foot flexible hose that is built to last. It doesn't matter how often you use your pressure washer; it will always guarantee you with durability.

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